Smart Cities

Empowering Governments, Engaging Citizens

Smart Cities 

Upzoids Public Sector solutions utilize the capabilities of Microsoft Apps, Dynamics 365, and CRM portals to support governments in achieving productivity centered around people, generating value for citizens, and managing government costs. With extensive expertise in the public sector and a profound understanding of Microsoft Apps that goes beyond customization, our dedication lies in delivering valuable solutions through skilled professionals. Join the Smart City movement. Access the Upzoids International report on benchmarking city services. 

Smart City Solution By Upzoids

Community Involvement

Enhancing city services through citizen engagement and efficient case management.

  • Enhance cost-effectiveness by enabling citizens to self-address issues through access to a database of resolutions and searchable information.
  • Utilize pre-configured local service requests for commercial, residential, street infrastructure, and other non-emergency needs.
  • Implement case deflection using a knowledge base, alerts, duplicate detection, and SLA management features.

Authorization, Licensing & Funding

Assist in boosting efficiency and alleviating administrative tasks through applications that empower citizens to self-serve.

  • Self-service applications via a web portal to facilitate verified and completed application submissions.
  • Accelerated screening, faster processing, improved tracking, streamlined management, and comprehensive, informative reporting.
  • Automated distribution of specific request categories to the respective teams.

Crisis Response and Control

An online platform designed to enhance preparedness, response, and recovery during emergencies. Engage citizens more effectively and manage interactions efficiently with a robust pre-configured xRM solution.

  • Immediately scalable, hosted in the cloud for emergency readiness, response, and recovery.
  • Facilitating real-time communication, coordinating responders, and delivering recovery programs.

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